Herring sandwich: Dutch street food


The herring sandwich it is a very simple sandwich made with herring, cucumber and onion. It dates back to the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine and when in the '600 the Jews, expelled from Germany, found refuge in the Netherlands. After many years the Broodje haring recipe is still present in the Dutch gastronomic landscape as one of the most popular and popular street foods. It is practically impossible not to notice it among the many kiosks or fish stalls that populate the markets of the territory: the smell and the colors of this sandwich will intrigue you to such an extent that you want to try and prepare it even after returning home. Preparing your Broodje haring is really simple: marinate the herring with water and vinegar and make the sandwich by alternating layers of fish with pickled cucumbers and diced raw onions. As a result you will get a sandwich different from the usual, very tasty, but at the same time light and healthy: try it.

Ingredients for
4 people

  • Oil or milk sandwiches4

  • Herring8 fillets

  • Pickled cucumbers200 g

  • White onions2

  • saltEnough

  • VinegarEnough

Preparation Herring Sandwich

  • Prepare an emulsion based on cold water and vinegar. Dip the herring fillets and let them rest for at least 3 hours.
  • Cut the sandwiches in half and fill them by alternating the slices of cucumber with the herring fillets and the chunks of onion. Adjust the salt if necessary.
  • Herring sandwich variant

    For a more delicate flavor version, you can replace herring with cod and cucumber with grilled zucchini.