Ingredients for
6 people

  • Whole boneless chicken (breast)1

  • White greek yogurt200 g

  • Ripe avocado2

  • Lemon1

  • Green celery 15 leaves

  • MilkEnough

  • Laurel2 leaves

  • saltEnough

  • White pepperEnough

Preparation Warm chicken roulade in avocado sauce

  • Take the whole chicken breast, divide it in two and remove the part of the sternum and the central cartilages. Place one fillet inside the other, so as to bring the two parts together in one piece.
  • Coat the chicken using the celery leaves, season with salt and pepper and a bay leaf. Move everything on a sheet of rectangular baking paper and close it as a roll.
  • Take two rectangles of aluminum paper, put them one on top of the other and in the center we place the roll made with parchment paper. Roll it all up and close the ends with candy.
  • Fold the two ears of the bundle and place it in a pan full of boiling water with a bay leaf. Cook for 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool in the water.
  • Open the avocados, remove the hazel, cut them into small pieces and place them in the blender glass. Add a pinch of salt, a little milk, two tablespoons of yogurt and a little lemon juice, then blend.
  • Season the remaining yogurt with a little oil, salt and pepper, then mix well. Remove the bundle from the water, drain it, discard it and cut the chicken roll into thick medallions.
  • On the serving dish, place two commas, one of yogurt and one of avocado smoothie, then arrange on top of a fan chicken medallions, interspersed small amounts of the two sauces, and serve.